Name: Navkis Educational Centre

Type: Schools in Mysore

Area: Siddarthanagar

Address: Navkis Educational Centre,No.90/1 & 90/2,Vidya
Vikas Institute Of Technology,
Bhugatha Halli
Mysore - 570010

Contact Person: 

Phone: +(91)-(821)-2476001




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About Navkis Educational Centre

1. Navkis Educational Centre is a new generation education provider, pursuing an imaginative model of schooling, defined by the joy of learning and the transformative experience of connecting to the real world out there.

2. The school aims at Complete Pupil Development by presenting a superb campus and contemporary educational practices in a day school format, meaning the added advantage of home stay to the pupil and greater accessibility to the parents.

3. Thanks to this philosophy, children across the socioeconomic spectrum are now enjoying the learning facilities and privileges of an international residential school at Navkis Educational Centre.

4. The school offers well-rounded, high quality education from Montessori to UKG, 1st to 10th Standard (CBSE), and 8th standard to SSLC (Karnataka Board)


 In Navkis Educational Centre Students easily detect the teacher's love for job and subject

 Teacher plans and prepares lessons daily

 Expects and encourages students to arrive on time

 Allows for creativity

 Navkis Educational Centre Treats students with respect

 Avoids embarrassing students in class

 Uses a variety of learning activities

 Avoids engaging students in "busy work"

 Maintains a healthy teacher-student relationship

 Does not allow one or two students to monopolize or dominate the class

 Navkis Educational Centre Is One Of the Best CBSE School In Mysore

 Navkis Educational Centre Keeps accurate records of
• Work completed
• Attendance
• Test results
• Grades

Navkis Educational Centre Mysore Location (Map)

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